Benefits of Music

Our programs are designed to impact the following areas:


Music can change biology.  It can also change body chemistry by: lowering blood pressure, blocking the pain response, increasing melatonin and serotonin levels, and decreasing cortisol levels.


Music helps you become more aware of yourself, how you relate to others, and connects you with your emotions at a deeper level, enhancing your ability to successfully use coping skills.


Music can create a peaceful inner environment, no matter where you are – work, at home, in your car.


Music evokes social support from others, and can help to enhance your relationships.


Music can be used to match or affirm the feelings you experience, as well as helping to change your mood when necessary.


Music helps you work through fears and anxieties, enabling you to mobilize your potential to attain your goals.


Music can enhance and support the spiritual process and may even evoke a peak or transpersonal experience.